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New Life

I apologize for the lateness in my last post.  The last post was rather depressing as it seemed that spring was never going to arrive.  Well, it has arrived and greeted us with the most wonderful breath of new life.  Not only have the birds returned but the flowers and blooms have flourished.  I know that I have been tardy with the updates for the photo of the week but I certainly have not been lax in my duty to bring along my camera every day that I am out.

To make up for the slide of my updates, I have created a video of some of the photos of New Life, both animal and plant.


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Is Spring Ever Going To Arrive

It has been very discouraging of late. I needed something to brighten my day so I have been going through my photos and came upon this one of Alex, taken a couple of years ago. We were in his Mom and Dad’s kitchen taking family photos. I had some artificial flowers and gave one to Alex asking him if the flower smelled good. I added a little flare to the image and call it “Magical Flower.” Hopefully by posting this image, it will spill a little magical dust and Spring will come, QUICKLY.

Magical Flower

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