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Magnificent Osprey

May 17, I was out with my beautiful Greyhound, Niecey, for a walk on the east side of Bowmont Park in Calgary. We had been informed previously that there was a manmade Osprey perch along the river.  Sure enough, we came upon the perch with a nest on top.

We were extremely fortunate to see 2 Osprey in the area.  What I believe was the male was sitting in a nearby tree.  The female was flying, circling around the nest until she finally landed comfortably on her perch.

What a magnificent creature.  Interestingly “Ospreys are neither hawks nor eagles – taxonomists put them in their own subfamily, with a membership of only one species.”  They feed by fishing feet first.  Their feet are designed to catch and hold fish with 2 toes forward and one back.  They hold their catch parallel to their bodies making it more aero-dynamic for flying.  We were not so fortunate as to observe the Osprey fishing.  I can guarantee you, though, that we will be returning in the hopes of being lucky enough to observe them again.

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