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Shane, Brandi and Family

On October 12 I met Shane, Brandi, Bree and Ty at Bow Valley Ranch in Fish Creek Park. The park offers a variety of locations to take photos including a lovely red barn, the ranch house and a bright red wagon. Bree and Ty are absolutely adorable making it easy to capture some genuine smiles. Mom and Dad were quite willing to step aside for a couple of intimate photos as well. I very much enjoyed my time with this wonderful family.

The following is their video of our day together.

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Loraine, Travis and Family

I first met Loraine and Travis shortly after their twin boys, Nate and Kale were born. We usually get together at least a couple of times a year. It has been such a wonderful experience watching the twins grow. Seven months ago, Hudson joined the family.

We have met at several different locations including their home for photos. This time round Loraine wanted to return to Confederation Park which is a popular location for photographers and their clients. The park offers a huge array of locations for photos.

The following video are some of the photos from our day at the park:

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Angela, Keith and Family

I frist met Angela, Keith, Zack and Brodi, when Brodi was just a baby.  I remember propping him up on my camera case to take some photos.  Now both kids are running around like the next Olympic athletes.  We met at Confederation Park which is a favourite of photographers and clients alike because it has so much to offer.

It was not at all difficult to capture a few photos of the boys as they are both naturals.  It was loads of fun for all. Here is their video:


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National Geographic – Daily Dozen Award

I continue to add photos to my gallery with the National Geographic – Your Shot program. On October 8, 2013, another of my photos was selected for the Daily Dozen award.

It is such a thrill to have a photo selected, especially considering that hundreds of thousands of photos are submitted every week from some very talented photographers across the world.

This photo is of one of two trick riders from the group Smokin-Aces that performed at the 2013 Calgary Police Rodeo in Airdrie. The young ladies are extremely talented as are their horses.

Trick Riders 1

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Rainy Day Project

I have a number of ideas that I have added to a list I call my Rainy Day Projects.  One of the ideas is to take photos in my studio of flowers on a black background.  The middle of last week we had a rainy day so I finally got at my Rainy Day Projects.

I purchased a single white rose and started photographing the beautiful flower.

White Rose

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