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Flood of 2013

The following photos do not in the least bit describe the destruction and devastation that the flood waters of June 20, 2013 caused in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

As a retired member of the Calgary Police Service, we were called to assist in the Emergency Operations Centre.  What a tremendously well organized site.  All Emergency Services were working seamlessly side by side.  I want to mention that the employees of the City and other Agencies (power, gas, sewers, waterworks, etc) who do not often receive accolades have all been unbelievably incredible putting in hours upon hours to ensure that the City can get back to operational as quickly as possible.

The call went out for volunteers to attend McMahon Stadium to sign up for whatever assistance was required to help.  The request was for 600 and thousands showed up with more putting their names down over the internet.

I am very proud to be a Calgarian, Albertan and Canadian.

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NCGL Picnic

There are 3 Greyhound Organizations in Calgary.  The Northwest Canadian Greyhound League had their annual 2013 picnic on June 1.  It is amazing how all 3 groups support each other.  At the picnic, the heads of Chinook Winds Greyhound Org and Southern Alberta Greyhound Association were all in attendance.

All 3 organizations are driven by saving Greyhounds retired from the race tracks, mostly in the US.  What fabulous individuals to dedicate so much of their lives to these incredible, graceful hounds.

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