Affordable Calgary and area Family and Wedding Photographer

Hello.  My name is Beth Lowe and the following is a little bit about myself and how LOWEBOWES PHOTOGRAPHY came about:


It has been a journey that strategically started about 2008.  I have been a proud member of the Calgary Police Service for 26 years.  I started my FAMILY photography business as a sideline anticipating that when I retired (April/2013) I wanted to pursue photography full time.

Half of my career was spent as a Constable and then a Sergeant in the Forensic Crime Scenes Unit (FCSU).  During my time in the FCSU I picked up a SLR camera for the first time and was forced to learn the intricacies of the camera and photography.  I fell in love.

As you might imagine, Forensic Photography is extremely restricted.  You are limited to capturing the scenes as viewed.  There is no artistic flexibility. Fortunately I was encouraged to take my work camera home with me on days off with the intent of becoming familiar with it.  This is when I discovered my passion for exploring the artistic side of photography.  From there it exploded.

Africa Final089


Combine my experience and introduction to the camera and photography in the FCSU with my 5 years as a Detective in the Child Abuse Unit and you can understand why I love to take photos of children of all ages.  In the Child Abuse Unit, I discovered that I have a demeanor and approach that allows children to comfortably open up to me.  I try to capture those special, candid moments when all guards are down and they are allowed to be themselves.


A newborn technically is 1 day – 4 weeks old.  I have been receiving more and more requests to photograph new to the world, little tiny people.  Life is incredible.  I take my time in an attempt to capture every aspect of the newborn infant.  I have an immense amount of patience, not minding in the least, if Mom or Dad need to feed or change Baby or the little one just needs a little time away from the attention.  I bring my studio to you so that both you and your Newborn are in a familiar environment. Because I spend significantly more time with Newborn sessions, I do charge a little more.  I guarantee that you will be very pleased with the results of your Newborn Collection.


I have always had a passion for animals, especially dogs.  Since I have no children, my pets have become my fur kids.  I completely understand how these amazing creatures can become such an integral part of our lives.  In my case, I was totally devoted to my Greyhounds Typewriter and Berniece who have since passed on.  I now am the human slave for my Italian Greyhound Floyd.  I encourage families to bring their pets to Family Shoots.  They are such an important part of our family.  If you are interested in having photos of just your pet, I offer a Pet Collection session at a very reasonable price simply because I love to photograph our four-legged friends.


I was introduced to the world of horses a few years back when a friend invited me to photograph her daughter and her pony.  There was a long hiatus and then just recently I was re-intruduced to the grace and absolute beauty of the equine world.  I love to meet riders and their horses/ponies at the stables.  A few of the photos I have taken of these sessions have received recognition on Flickr, being selected in Explore, a daily award.  Please view my Equine page for a few samples.


I have been involved in amateur sports since I could walk/run.  My Mom had a terrible time getting me into the house for dinner or bed because I was always out playing one game or another.  Name a sport and I likely have tried it.  It is not difficult to see why I very much enjoy taking photographs of people participating in sports, especially kids.


Shooting a Wedding is incredibly fulfilling for me.  I have to admit that I was initially stressed when photographing my first wedding as I was terribly concerned that I would miss something.  After all, you really can’t stop proceedings and ask everyone to do it all over again.  This is why I now shoot with my friend and past co-worker, Steve Dueck.  Steve, like me, works is the Forensic Crime Scenes Unit with the Calgary Police Service. He is a fantastic photographer who has a real knack for capturing the smallest details.  We have a very comfortable way of working together, reading off each other in an unobtrusive way, you likely will not even know we are there.